Geophysical Mapping: Problem Findings
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 Problemtype  Problem  Assigner  Method  Methodtype
  Groundwater   Fractures   +   Acoustic logging   Borehole Methods
      +   BEAM G4 SCAN   Electrical Methods
      +   Borehole imaging, Structure logging   Borehole Methods
      +   Electrical and induction logging   Borehole Methods
      +   Fluid logging, Flow meter   Borehole Methods
      +   Frequency-domain electromagnetics - Profiling   Electromagnetic Methods
      +   Frequency-domain electromagnetics - Sounding   Electromagnetic Methods
      +   Geoelectrics - Crosshole tomography   Electrical Methods
      +   Geoelectrics - Tomography (surface based)   Electrical Methods
      +   Ground penetrating radar (surface-based)   Electromagnetic Methods
      +   Ground penetrating radar - Borehole tomography   Electromagnetic Methods
      +   Seismic crosshole tomography   Seismic Techniques
      +   Shallow Water Seismics - Lake Seismics   Seismic Techniques
      +   Shallow reflection seismics   Seismic Techniques
      +   Shear-wave reflection seismics   Seismic Techniques
      +   Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SNMR)   Radioactivity
      +   Tunnel infrared thermography   Thermic Methods
      +   VLF / VLF-R, Radiomagnetotellurics   Electromagnetic Methods
      +   Vertical seismic profiling (VSP)   Seismic Techniques
      +   Very-high resolution reflection seismics   Seismic Techniques
      0   DC geoelectrics - Profiling   Electrical Methods
      0   Ground spectrometry   Radioactivity
      0   Passive seismic monitoring   Seismic Techniques
      0   Refraction seismic tomography (surface-based)   Seismic Techniques
      0   Seismic surface waves methods   Seismic Techniques
      0   Technical logging   Borehole Methods
      0   Time-domain electromagnetics - Profiling   Electromagnetic Methods
      0   Time-domain electromagnetics - Sounding   Electromagnetic Methods
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