Geophysical Mapping: Problem Details
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Problem Name: Building stability
Problem Type: Buildings and Structures
Assigned Methods:
+ Borehole imaging, Structure logging Borehole Methods
+ Ground penetrating radar (surface-based) Electromagnetic Methods
+ Ground penetrating radar - Borehole tomography Electromagnetic Methods
+ Seismic crosshole tomography Seismic Techniques
+ Seismic surface waves methods Seismic Techniques
+ Seismic vibration control Seismic Techniques
0 Acoustic logging Borehole Methods
0 Nuclear logging Borehole Methods
0 Refraction seismic tomography (surface-based) Seismic Techniques
0 Standard refraction seismics Seismic Techniques
US Very-high resolution reflection seismics Seismic Techniques
   '+' = Technique applicable; '0' = Application possible/limited use; 'US' = Ultra-Sonic (different equipment)