Geophysical Mapping: Problems
All currently stored problems are displayed in this list.
  Problem Name   Problem Type
  Aquifer pollution   Groundwater
  Building stability   Buildings and Structures
  Cavity detection   Civil Engineering
  Characteristics of hazardous waste   Hazardous Waste
  Contaminant plumes   Hazardous Waste
  Dam monitoring   Civil Engineering
  Dead body   Forsenic Investigations
  Density   Civil Engineering
  Depth of Overburden-bedrock interface   Civil Engineering
  Earthquakes / paleoseismology   Natural Hazards
  Endangerment of structures   Civil Engineering
  Fault zones   Civil Engineering
  Foundations of ancient structures   Buildings and Structures
  Fracture zone   Civil Engineering
  Fractures   Groundwater
  Gravel, clay, limestone, salt exploration   Natural Resources
  Groundwater table   Groundwater
  Heat mining   Natural Resources
  Host sediments, hydogeological settings   Hazardous Waste
  Ice thickness   Natural Hazards
  Landslides   Natural Hazards
  Location of Ancient Structures   Cultural Heritage
  Location of buried materials   Hazardous Waste
  Monitoring   Hazardous Waste
  Permafrost and ice detection   Natural Hazards
  Porosity / Permeability   Groundwater
  Quality / Thickness of aquifer/aquitard   Groundwater
  Quality / Thickness of concrete   Buildings and Structures
  Quality and thickness (Natural resources)   Natural Resources
  Quality of roads/ airfields   Buildings and Structures
  Quantity/ Thickness   Hazardous Waste
  Regional Mapping   Regional Mapping
  Soil / rock quality   Civil Engineering
  Temperature   Groundwater
  Temporal variations   Groundwater
  UXO detection   Hazardous Waste
  Wall Construction   Cultural Heritage
  Weapon   Forsenic Investigations
  Young's / shear modulus, Poisson's ratio   Civil Engineering