General Quality Guidelines
Data acquisition quality control guidelines
To inspect a geophysical crew during field work, the following points need to be checked:
Acquisition scheme
  • Is fieldwork conducted according to the specifications in the quotation?
  • Exist deviations from the acquisition scheme proposed due to unexpected incidences? If yes, why?
  • How are potential sources of noise and systematic errors considered (e.g., ambient seismic or electromagnetic noise, metallic objects, etc.)
Field Crew
  • Does a qualified geophysicist lead the crew?
  • Are the helpers instructed adequately?
  • Do qualified personnel check the work of the helpers?
  • Is the field crew working efficient?
  • Has one of the crew members the necessary licence (e.g., to handle explosive)
Equipment and field computers
  • Are the instruments specified in the quotation employed for the measurements? If no, what are the consequences in terms of acquisition speed and data accuracy?
  • Are the instruments working properly?
  • Are the computers suitable for fieldwork?
  • Are backups performed regularly?
  • How are the source and receiver coordinates determined (measuring tape, theodolite, GPS)?
  • Is topography considered adequately?
  • What is the coordinate accuracy? Is this accuracy sufficient for the geophysical method used?
  • How is the recording, storage of the geometrical data? (Redundant?)
Permitting, damages
  • Was a permitting performed prior to the field campaign (if required)?
  • Were the landowners informed about potential damages?
  • Have any damages already occurred?
  • Has the geophysical contractor an appropriate, liability insurance (should be checked prior to the field campaign)?
  • All permissions existing? (explosives, radioactive sources?)
QC in the field
  • How often are the data recorded checked?
  • How are the data checked?
  • Exists a detailed field log-book, in which all significant incidences are documented?
  • How are the data stored?
  • Corresponds the acquisition speed with the specifications in the quotation?
  • Is the acquisition speed adequate, i.e., is the acquisition speed such that reliable measurements can be expected?