General Quality Guidelines
Order (guiding principles)
An order for geophysical study (survey) is usually based on bidding and the proposal of the best value competitor.
Small order
Small order are usually ordered written or by letter. Oral order can be accepted as provisional or only in urgent case.
For greater surveys, a contract for services in connection with the project between the Customer (organization) and Contractor will be concluded.
The contract should contain following items:
  • Purpose and programme of the survey
  • Work and Services to be executed by the Contractor
  • Equipment, materials and supplies to be provided by the Contractor
  • Participation in the performance of the contract by the Customer (organization)
  • Time schedule of performances
  • Reporting (progress reports, interim reports, final report)
  • Remuneration and method of payment
  • Security guidelines (Quality control)
  • Defining of field tests
  • Modality for break-off or extension of measurements
  • Regulations for data storage and Archives
  • Changes and Amendments
  • Regulations in case of disputes and arbitration
  • Termination of Contract